LGBTQ+ Community

Therapy for Our Community, From Our Community

Whether you’re out and proud, questioning your gender or orientation, or anywhere in between, we’ve got you. Our community members struggle with depression, trauma, or anxiety that isn’t about gender or orientation, and very reasonably want to see a counselor who will respect that their experience of love and gender are important and healthy parts of their identity.

At Satya Counseling, you can count on someone who sees you as a full and complex human rather than a deviant or a punch line.  We’re committed to delivering evidence-based therapy methods with warmth and humor. You’re safe here, and when you aren’t here, we’re working to make the world a safer place for you.

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Sick of being stuck?

Let’s be real about it – historically, the medical and mental health profession has not been open to the LGBTQ+ community. Homosexuality was only removed from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual in 1980! Twitter trolls delight in saying that trans folk have a “mental disorder.”* Discrimination, stigma, and judgment are horrifying enough on the street. It’s even worse when you make yourself vulnerable to ask for help, and then get traumatized while trying to get the care you need.

It’s getting easier to find providers who will treat your issues rather than identify your gender or sexual experiences as issues. At Satya Counseling in Chicago, all our current therapists identify as queer, we’re proud to serve our fellow LGBTQ+ community members.

The practice owner, Nikki M. Jovicilo, has come under some fire in the therapy community from other therapists saying that we shouldn’t bring political views into therapy. To that we say – therapy is political. We refuse to stick our heads in the sand about the absolute necessity to be vocal about human rights. Many of our clients have experienced steadily increasing anxiety about the erosion of their rights and safety in our current political climate. LGBTQ rights are human rights, period. We’re not shutting up about that, and no one has any business saying that you should either.

* Gender dysphoria is like PTSD. It’s a normal reaction to something distressing that you did not ask for. And don’t get us started on trolls tapping their grubby fingertips about “transvestic disorder.” The DSM, much like our health system, is evolving and still imperfect.