Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective option for many situations.

  • Inexpensive option for clients without insurance or with high deductibles
  • Clients who feel isolated and would benefit from bonding with others who can understand
  • Clients who want to bolster their coping skills
  • Clients who want to learn new ways of coping with depression, anxiety, and life transitions

Currently, we’re offering a DBT Skills Group at Satya Counseling in Chicago! More groups coming soon, including:

  • Claiming the Stage – a group for performing artists
  • Finding ME (Movement Existentially) – a group for dancers
  • Trans-Affirming Group
  • STARS Group – Seeing Trauma And Recovery Safely
  • Pet Loss

Click on  DBT Skills Group  to learn more or register, or sign up below to be notified when we add new groups.


We’ll be updating with more information about each group topic, potential costs, start dates, and registration information.


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