Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Spam? YUCK!!!  We don’t share information that comes in through satyacounseling.com with other parties. The odds of you receiving automated email that is not an appointment

What Information We Collect

If you take advantage of our free resources or newsletter (if we ever start one), we may ask for several pieces of information.  These include:

Email Address

Phone Number

Contact Name

What We Do With Your Information

When you request information or a white paper, the information we use is only the information needed to complete your request.  We do not solicit contact names to any outside party as we understand your request was for specific business information which we want to provide to you. When you provide your email address, this is used simply to reply to your requests, again, we do not give them to other companies.

Data Security

We have process and procedures in place which will protect your data and make it unavailable to outside parties.  We are happy to go over what these procedures are if you would like to contact us and ask us how we protect the data you submit online.

What to Do When Changes to Your Information Are Needed?

Please call, email, or log in to the SimplePractice online portal to make any information changes.