Our Chicago Therapy Office Location

Do you want therapy at an accessible Chicago location, and a therapist you can talk to with ease? Contact us or schedule online today!

Convenient Location for Chicago Therapy

Starting July 6th, 2021, individuals who provide advance proof of vaccination can attend in-person sessions. 

You’ll find our office 4849 N Milwaukee Suite 503 in the Veterans’ Square Plaza.

In addition to therapeutic expertise, you’ll enjoy plenty of cozy amenities at Satya Counseling. The waiting room is fully stocked with water, tea, coffee, and sweets. Plush furnishings are abundant, as well as decor that ranges from beautiful to quirky to nostalgic.

Why We Love Chicago

The therapy rooms in our office are named Strange, Charm, Deep, and Light.

Nikki didn’t want to give them names like Room 1, 2, etc, implying that one is first or better. She selected “Strange” and “Charm” due to her fascination with quantum physics; they are qualities of quarks, the smallest elements of matter. However, she determined that the other qualities (Up, Down, Top, and Bottom) were not only too hierarchical, but could also cause confusion at a kink-affirming practice. She selected Deep and Light as other interesting elements that relate to our work as well as physics… because our clients matter (get it?).

Waiting Room