Poly Lifestyle and Other Nontraditional Partnerships

Misunderstanding, stereotyping, pathologizing, hypersexualizing — you’ve heard plenty, we know. We have worked with many individuals and couples that either hesitated or waited for several valuable sessions before disclosing their relationship status.

It makes sense. Who wants their counselor judging them or making unwarranted assumptions? Who wants to waste expensive therapy sessions justifying their lifestyle?

Partners in the poly lifestyle or other nontraditional partnerships deserve the same space and quality of care as “heteronormative” couples. We’re here to help you navigate your issues, not assume that your lifestyle is problematic.

poly lifestyle and gender fluid partners
poly lifestyles
Satya is a Safe Space for the Poly Lifestyle and Other Nontraditional Partnerships
  • Open relationships
  • Polyamory with primary relationships
  • Polyamory with non-hierarchical relationships
  • Polyfidelity
  • Swinging
  • BDSM
  • Fetishes

Whether you’re seeking individual or couples therapy for issues unrelated, tangential, or related to the poly lifestyle or nontraditional partnerships, speak freely. In our experience, nontraditional couples often “graduate” from couples counseling sooner. The poly lifestyle demands such transparency and excellent communication that partners often come flying in to counseling when they first start to struggle and are very open to strategies about how to communicate effectively. In contrast, the Gottmans found that many “traditional” couples will wait up to six years to seek help once they start to think about counseling.

At Satya, our one stipulation is that we do not keep secrets between partners, though we will gladly work with a partner or two if they need help strategizing how to address something with another partner.

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